About John Brewer

Have you ever felt alone and like an outcast? Have you ever felt like you were not worth anything? You have these big dreams and goals that you want to accomplish but no way to financially accomplish them? That is how it was for me. I had these huge dreams for myself and my family. I grew up poor and living on government assistance all the time. I felt like I wasn’t worth anything because other people had to provide for me. My home, food, clothes and medical needs had to be paid for by someone else and I was not capable of climbing out of that hole. I was beholden to someone else cause they were taking care of me.

My mom and dad did what they felt was needed to take care of me and my siblings but I always felt less than others because of the need to be taken care of. I wanted to be the one to stand on my own two feet and take care of myself and then help others step up and into their own personal power as well.

This desire to be the architect of my own life and my future put me on a path of self discovery and empowerment. I sought advice and information from a lot of different people, trying to give myself that next boost or step to acquiring what I wanted. But I was always felt that I was still beholden to someone else for who I was or wanted to become.

Then I learned a profound piece of advice…

The more complicated you try to make your life, the harder it becomes. The answer was simple…simplify your life to simple principles and act upon those principles.

Learn the simple principles and implement them. This has been my mantra and theme with my business every since. Simple Strategies – Profitable Businesses – Passive Income.

How do you create a profitable business? By understanding the principles behind profitable businesses.

Solve Problems for People!!!

You do that through various methods and this blog is my journey through the world of Internet Marketing and the principles I learned. Join me on my journey and tell me about your journey.

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