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8 Ways To Promote Your Premium Offer To Build Your List

By John Brewer

January 15, 2020

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers. – Seth Godin

Your Subscribers will TELL YOU What They Want.

There are several ways to promote your offer and increase your conversion rates. The most popular and effective technique is search engine optimization. You definitely want to rank high within your niche. However, you need to optimize your website with the right method to achieve much.

Without further ado, here are some important tips on how to promote your products or services to achieve more sales.

Use Longer and More Specific Keywords

You need to base your search engine optimization efforts on longer and more specific keywords. These keywords may attract less traffic but the conversion rate will be higher. Shorter keywords are general and they usually attract more traffic but much less conversion.

To explain this further, here is an illustration. If you sell only winter shoes and you work on this keyword – where to buy great shoes, you will generate more traffic but the conversion rate will be low. People who are in interested in buying all kinds of shoes will click the link and land on your page. Only the few of them that are interested in winter shoes will make an order.

This will attract more traffic but lower conversion. Conversely, if you use this keyword – where to buy great winter shoes, only very few people will click the link and land on your page. But whoever clicks the link definitely wants to find out something about winter shoes so the conversion rate will be high.

Remember, attracting huge traffic is not an end in itself. Rather, it is only a means to an end. You only need traffic for sales lead. So you should always work on more specific keywords for lower traffic and more sales.

Create a Blog

Another way to promote your products and services is to create a blog for your niche. You should keep posting informative and educative articles that are relevant to your niche regularly. With time, visitors to your blog will gradually see you as an authority within your niche.

It is needless to remind you that being an authority will increase your credibility, your popularity, and it will increase your sales.

Sending Emails

This one works the same way as creating blog posts. You will be sending out newsletters to your recipients. Your newsletters should offer important information about your niche. This also leads to people seeing you as an authority.

Sending emails has some additional benefits like easier segmentation and easy analysis of success rate. This is because it is easy to find out how many of the emails were delivered and how many of them bounced back. You can also find out the emails that were delivered but not read.

Advertise Benefits and Not Features

In the promotion of your premium offers, you need to develop market copies that do not only discuss features but tie features to benefits. Customers are not interested in features but the benefits of the features. For instance, it is not enough to say your products are made of stainless steel. Rather, you must tie the feature to a benefit by saying “being made of stainless steel means it is rust and corrosion- resistant”.

Apart from tying features to benefits, your market copies should also include the advantages your products have over competitor products. These are what customers want to see in your market copies.

Use Videos

Videos are more effective because they are more entertaining, they increase credibility, and they pass more information than both text and images. Most importantly, Google and other search engines rank web pages with videos higher than the ones without videos. However, it is advisable to make your videos less than a minute in duration.

Use of Chatbots

Nothing impresses potential customers more than instant response to their enquiries. This is why you should let chatbots man your websites. These bots should be able to inform visitors about your promotional offers and also answer their enquiries in real-time.

Build a database of answers to all the possible questions potential customers may ask and link the database to your chatbots. When a customer asks a question that the bots cannot answer, they should just present your phone number to the customer. In addition, the bots should also send the question to your backend team so that they can update your database with the answer of the particular question. That way, the bots will be able to answer the question when another customer asks the same question.

Monitor Your Competitors

You can only offer competitive deals when you know what your competitors offer. So, it is important to monitor all of them from time to time. Price is the most important factor for buyers. You should ensure your prices are competitive.

Do you have any idea how many sales you can lose when your major competitors drop their prices below yours and it takes you more than 24 hours to respond? You won’t lose only sales, you may also lose the customers completely because that may be the first time of some potential customers on your website. Such buyers will conclude that your prices are high. First impressions last longer.

So, you need to monitor your competitors constantly because more than 60 percent of buyers compare prices before they make purchases.

Place a Call to Action on Every Web Page

Buyers may decide to purchase your products or services while on any of your web pages and they could change their mind if it takes too long before they find either your contact information or a call to action. This is why companies now place a clear call to action and contact details on all their web pages. You should also do the same.

In summary, the tips above will help you promote your premium offer more effectively to your list and your conversion rate will increase.

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