December 18


3 Cheats to Great Copy

By John Brewer

December 18, 2019

What is the goal of copywriting?

To get someone to take an action that you want them to make…

But how do you get them to take action when all they are doing is reading words? Here are a few cheats that I use to create my copy:

  • Swipe Files
  • Urgency
  • Stories

Cheat #1 – Swipe Files

Every piece of copy that you read is broken up into chunks.

These chunks can be moved around and molded to create a story arc. The story arc goes from the pain point of what the reader is feeling to the overwhelming desire to buy what you are selling. This is where swipe files are treasures.

A swipe file is simply a word document or picture file of different pieces of copy that you found to be effective in their approach.

The swipe file is not permission to steal. You use the swipe file to help you build your copy but you must change the wording to match your message.

Swipe files can be kept about pretty much anything: Emails, Salesletters, Landing Pages, etc…

Some of the most important pieces to keep though are headlines and call to actions. The first is what catches the attention of your customer and the last is to get them to do what you want.

The next cheat is something that will help your copy feel more compelling as you use your swipe files…

Cheat #2 – Urgency

Life moves at such a fast pace today that people feel like they don’t have time to spend on things that are not important to them.

Your copy must catch them right at the beginning, the headline, and compel them to act now, the call to action, at the end.

But there are mental triggers to help people to take action now…urgency is one of those triggers.

You want to people to ACT RIGHT NOW on the information you are presenting to them. To do that, they need to feel urgency or an overwhelming desire to buy, or click, or whatever it is that you are trying to get them to do.

How do you do that? By taking something away if action is not taken.

Those limits could be:

  • Quantity – You limit the number of copies available at any one time
  • Time – It is on the market for a specific time limit then removed
  • Price – The price will change after some action is taken

Limiting something is the best way to create urgency in your copy.

Another mental trigger to help people to do what you want them to do is to tell stories…

Cheat #3 – Stories

Humpty dumpty is NOT a great story to tell in a salesletter UNLESS he is trying to help you in your persuasion.

Stories are meant to:

  • Build rapport with your readers
  • Connect emotionally with them
  • Make a point in your story (A great example of this can be seen HERE)
  • And finally to give an example of a principle being taught

So how do you go about using stories in your copy?

Step One – Determine The Purpose of Your Story
Step Two – Choose a Story That Suits Your Purpose
Step Three – Engage Your Readers


To win at creating strong copy, you need to use swipe files when you chunk out your copy, develop a sense of urgency to get your people to fulfill the action you want of them, and craft stories to relate and teach.

By using these three cheats, you will find writing any piece of copy easier and more successful. As you do this over and over, you will find the process becomes easier and easier for you.

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